Why Do Fishing Boats Have Carpet? (EXPLAINED)

Why Do Fishing Boats Have Carpet

I spent my time today in the reservoir where I saw some fishing boats cruising by.

I began to consider how many fishing boats I regularly see with carpeted flooring.

Many casual anglers and non-fishermen alike find the idea perplexing, so I decided it was a subject worth investigating.

Why Do Fishing Boats Have Carpet?

Fishing boats include carpets to make them more comfortable for your feet and knees, to provide you with a stable, non-slip surface, and to assist reduce noise by absorbing the impact from the boat.

Despite a few drawbacks, having a carpet aboard your yacht is often a nice feature.

We’ll talk about why these boats frequently have carpet for the sake of this post.

Stable Ground

This, in my opinion, is the most important justification for carpeted floors in bass boats.

Bass boats feature very few protective rails and flat decks. As a result, there is a very significant chance that you may go overboard.

Since bass prefers to reside in waters with a lot of above- and below-water impediments that may stop a boat in its tracks, where bass fisherman take their boats gives even more of a reason.

I believe a bass boat should be carpeted for safety reasons. There are just too many arguments in favor of it and few against it.


The decrease in noise is another important benefit of carpeted floors.

On calm days, any disturbance on board the boat may reverberate underwater and startle bass.

When you’re creeping up on a new hole, the bass can hear every footstep, lost jighead, and forgotten set of vehicle keys, which may be quite problematic.

The carpet does a wonderful job of minimizing the noise and vibrations that your boat makes as it moves through the water.

Some bass fishermen believe that by muffling and dissipating away from the water, the carpet can also lessen the sounds of conversation.


Bass fishing may last all day. Fishermen stand, walk, shuffle, and lean on their carpets for extended periods of time.

They frequently have to crouch down to lip a giant bass out of the water.

For fisherman, carpet makes these tasks considerably simpler, resulting in more time on the ocean.

Additionally, since many bass fishermen are elderly, softer flooring enables them to preserve their joints and extend their fishing careers.

Although it cannot completely alleviate body and foot pain, carpet does offer some solace to fisherman.

I believe it is worthwhile if it results in more time spent fishing and on the water.

Why Would a Wet Boat Carpet Be a Bad Thing?

Do you anchor your boat and wrap it securely in a mooring cover after a lengthy fishing trip?

If so, you must have seen a grayish-white or gray-green fuzz on the carpet of your boat.

If so, then you were also aware of the offensive odor.

The mildew you can see is really mold, and because mold likes to go deeper, it is residing inside the carpet.

A wet carpet inside of a covered boat becomes a moist, humid, poorly illuminated habitat where mold and mildew are fungi that thrive in 24 to 48 hours.

Additionally, as it grows, the mold releases gases, also known as microbial volatile organic compounds.

When a boat is attacked by fungus, these noxious gases help to create a musty, wet odor within.

In addition to having an unpleasant smell, mold and mildew are unhealthy.

Some people may experience allergic responses from mold spores, while others may develop significant respiratory conditions.

In addition, regardless of the material used in its construction, water can leak from the carpet and harm the boat’s surface below.

It may cause the fiberglass surface to blister or the metal to corrode.

Negative Effects of Carpeted Floors

The carpet in bass boats may be challenging to keep clean, as you can guess.

The carpet is short for a purpose, yet eventually, it does become soiled.

If you’re any good, you’ll be bringing plenty of slimy bass onboard, spilling blood from you and the fish on the carpet, and eventually letting dirt saturate the carpet.

The carpet will eventually become stiff, crusty, and simply nasty as a result of this mixture.

As a result, many bass fishermen frequently clean and even scrub their carpeted floors.

Another frequent problem with carpeted flooring is the way sand and minute dirt particles tend to stick to them.

When the carpet is dry, when the boat is traveling at a fast speed on the water, these particles might fly up and into the passengers’ eyes and faces.

In a boat with a smooth floor, sand can be swept off, but on carpet, it can dig itself in.

There will be enough maintenance to maintain your carpet in excellent repair, so these are not sufficient reasons for bass boats to trash carpet, but they are something to keep in mind.

Heat is also another possible drawback of carpet. Bass boats typically have carpet that is blue, black, or charcoal in color.

These colors absorb heat and light.

Bass boats’ carpets, in contrast to white saltwater boats, can actually increase the temperature inside the boat on hot days.

Just something to be mindful of.

Does Carpet Come Standard on Bass Boats?

The plain fact is that practically all modern bass boats are carpeted, despite the fact that this is not a rule that holds in all cases.

In actuality, carpet has been used in the construction of nearly all bass boats produced in the previous two or three decades.

It’s possible to obtain versions without carpet, although they are quite rare.

Generally speaking, you will need to have a bespoke bass boat manufactured or just have the carpet removed if you want one without it.

Given that almost all bass boats come equipped with carpet, it is reasonable to assume that having carpet in a boat is likely advantageous for a variety of reasons.

Now that we know why bass boats have carpet, let’s move on.

Options for Replacing Carpet in Bass Boats

You can’t always pay to have the carpet in your bass boat professionally changed at a genuine bass boat shop, of course, if it has seen better days.

Having said that, there are some alternative solutions you might think about if this seems too pricey for you.

Truck Bed Liner

You undoubtedly have some truck bed liners lying around if you have a pickup vehicle that you use for lifting.

Truck bed liners shield the bed of your pickup truck from dents and scratches.

In order to prevent products from sliding about, these truck bed liners often also have a rough texture.

A truck bed liner might serve as a very cheap substitute option for genuine bass boat carpeting, despite the fact that it might not fit well and may not look very great.

Snap-in Carpet Kit

A snap-in boat carpet kit is one possibility.

These are pre-assembled kits with carpet that is incredibly simple to install and is created specifically to match your boat’s dimensions.

Unique Paint

Another choice is to remove the carpet and paint the boat’s floor with specialized maritime paint that has a very rough texture.

In addition to being waterproof, UV-resistant, and non-corrosive, these specific paint kinds may also provide you with a firm foundation.

How Can You Keep Your Boat’s Carpet Safe?

Here are a few brief suggestions.

Ventilate Your Boat

When storing a boat, wrapping it might cause the interior to develop stale air. On humid days, it might also result in the formation of mold.

Install a passive ventilator that allows air to pass, such as a cowl, clamshell, or louvered vent, to prevent this.

Or spend money on an active ventilator, such as a solar vent that runs on solar power.

It contains a fan with blades for both intake and exhaust, allowing for variable ventilation.

Deep Cleaning

Carpets are cozy, but they may be difficult to keep clean because dirt, dust, grease, and oil stick to the carpet and are tough to remove.

The carpet might be stained by spills, fish slime, or any other substance.

You must properly clean your carpet at least two to three times a year since you cannot prevent getting it soiled.

Keep a few dry towels on the boat as well so you can blot up spills as best you can.

Keep It Inside

Proper storage is the first step in protecting your bass boat overall.

Always attempt to keep your boat out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location.

The ideal place to store your boat is in your garage, away from windows, and in a location where there is no risk of water seeping from faulty plumbing.

Your boat may have a mooring cover, but it is preferable to cover it with a tarp and allow a small opening for air to enter the vessel.

If you don’t have a garage, you may use a mooring cover to keep your bass boat outside on its trailer. Over that, lay a sheet to shield the hulls.

Final Thoughts

Because carpet is comfortable, safe, and reduces noise, almost all bass boats produced today include it.

Generally speaking, you should avoid purchasing a bass boat without a carpet.

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